Our Services

Dyno tuning/rental


Dyno  tuning and rental is the foundation of Definitive Tuning and where it all  started for us.  Our dedicated dyno cell really speaks for itself!

We  are authorized Pro-tuners for Hondata, Uprev, Cobb Porsche, GTR, BMW,  Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Ford and VW.  Naturally, we are proficient in  countless other vehicle platforms and tuning systems including ECUtek,  MoTec, AEM, Haltech, Power FC & many more! 

Our friendly dyno services are completely "down to  earth".  We love to help fellow car enthusiasts, race teams and  performance shops explore power testing, product development and  the art of dyno tuning! 



We take pride in having the experience, knowledge, resources & facility to do it all!  Everything from basic bolt on's, BIG turbo build set ups, LS or K-Motor swaps to suspension, brakes, tires, wheels and all other upgrades. 

Whether your building an all motor or forced induction beast or just want to improve overall performance, we will work with you to get the job done right & make every effort to find solutions that meet all your expectations!

Our shop is fully equipped for custom fabrication, mig and tig welding.  We work with metals, fiberglass and carbon fiber so we have plenty of options for your custom build projects.

engine builds


We love building engines as much as making power through performance builds and dyno tuning!  Power is always fun but only when your motor is built to last.  

All engine builds start with detailed discussions on your current, mid & long term goals.  Specifically, power expectations,  power set up (turbo, supercharged, all motor), vehicle use (drag, race, street), types of fuels (pump, race, E85, meth) and of course realistic budget.  

We do all engine disassembly and assembly in our dedicated engine room and have partner shops to handle all machining from "quick & dirty" to absolute precision built race motors.